I'm Hassan Moaiery

FullStackDeveloper,Web Developer,Frontend Developer,Web Designer,Backend Developer,Graphic Designer

Name: Hassan Moaiery

Profile: full stack developer

Email: h.moaiery@gmail.com

Phone: (98) 992-4580764


HTML5 100%
CSS3 100%
Bootstrap 100%
jQuery 70%
ASP.Net 80%
SQL Server 80%
About me

I'm Hassan Moaiery, a FullStackdeveloper developer.
Carrying out remote and freelance projects.

Analyze and implement from 0 to 100 of your projects. Review, analysis and documenting and policy based on customer demands is the most important principle in programming and building various projects.

Carrying out all web-based programming projects, step-by-step implementation with customer requests until complete implementation and delivery to the customer, and then full support and development based on customer requests.

Advice on designing and implementing a variety of web projects based on customer needs, what does the customer want?
Development based on customer needs, how can the customer develop his business in the future?

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What can I do for you?

Analysis and review

Before starting any project, we should ask our client what do you want?
What is the purpose of creating a site?
And finally, what do you want to achieve?
And all the demands that the customer has of the system.

Document making

After identifying the customer's demands and before starting the work, will we determine the policy and roadmap for the implementation of the upcoming programs? How to bring the customer closer to the goal he has in mind?


After analyzing all the customer requests and reviewing the roadmap for the best system implementation method, we design and implement the template. Using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery to design the look of the project.


After completing the design section, we will implement the database and server-side programming.
Using SQLServer, ASP.Net has other tools needed for each project.

Testing and debugging

After implementing the initial version of the system, we will review the codes and test the errors and fix them.
Testing the system by different users is a great help in fixing the problem.

Setup and support

After delivering the project to the customer, we are by his side until he gives 100% satisfaction, and in the future, if the system needs to be developed, we will do everything.